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From Positive Thinking to Awareness

By Oleg Moskvine


Positive thinking is a powerful device to work with your subconscious mind. There is a universal law: what is created by your mind can be changed by your thoughts too. Say, negative thoughts, images and attitudes can change positive mood into negative, right? And vise versa. Positive thoughts and affirmations can change your negative mood into a positive one. But the main power of positive thinking is NOT in changing your mind's attitudes. You can use the powerful flow of positive thoughts to easy dive into yourself, to easy jump beyond your mind's projections. You can use this powerful method to become the master of your mind but not vise versa.

Watch your mind: who is beyond this pendulum of emotions, thoughts and mood? Who watches the changes of your mood from positive to negative, from negative to positive? Who is able to generate these changes? You are this watcher. You are this witness. You are this master. Realize that beyond your thoughts and attitudes the higher realm exists. This realm is called your authentic life, your nature, your inner center whatever you can call this mysterious phenomenon.

This phenomenon is NOT created by your thoughts. This phenomenon is not created by your mind. This phenomenon is not created by your mood. Your true life is not created by the positive and negative attitude of your mind. Your intrinsic life is created by the divine mystery of existence. You cannot change it. You cannot influence it. You cannot force it. But you can existentially realize yourself as an integrated part of this mystery. You can realize the great interdependence of all the parts of this miraculous aliveness dancing every second. And you are not a stranger in this dance. You are authentically and eternally integrated in this aliveness.

No mental phrases can really transform your life. Only the great odyssey by going beyond both positive and negative attitudes CAN transform your life. Only this adventure to yourself can transform your life. Awareness that is beyond your mind's imaginations and projections transforms you. Awareness that is beyond any mental attitudes transforms you. Your awareness is neither positive nor negative. It is beyond the pendulum of emotions. It is beyond the pendulum of positive and negative thoughts. It is beyond the pendulum of positive and negative attitude. When you are in a meditative status, when you come home, when you attain your nature, then you don’t choose between positive and negative. You accept both and in this acceptance the whole life starts changing.

And out of this choiceless awareness blissfulness showers on you. And out of this choice-less witnessing life starts dancing with you. And out of this awareness the rejoicing in your life arises. This dance doesn't originate from your mind’s projections. This dance doesn't come from your mind’s attitudes. This dance comes from somewhere higher... It comes from somewhere deeper... It comes from the mystery of existence... It comes from the mystery of life…

When your mood is negative, then it is very difficult to attain the higher dimension. It is difficult to jump into awareness from misery and suffering. And it is much easier to jump into awareness from happiness and joyfulness. It is easier to jump into yourself from a positive attitude than from a negative one.

First, have a feel of the positive, then start your pilgrimage of finding yourself. If you choose, then choose positive thinking, positive affirmation and positive attitude to life. Use positive thinking techniques to jump from the constant run of your thoughts to the dimension of divine silence called your awareness. Use positive thinking methods to dive into the higher realm of existence. Use your positive thinking potential to dive existentially into the energy of life!




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